Philosophy & Corporate mission statement

For us, satisfying our customers and interested parties is the measure of all things.

Knowing what the customer expects and what application solutions the customer will need for his special product in order to operate effectively and successfully in the market is a standard we set for ourselves.

Consistent and continuous further developments and improvements to our systems and bottling techniques guarantee the state of the art for customers and users at all times.

Precise quality assurance and certification according to ISO 9001:2015  guarantees the highest possible degree of dependability and functionality.

Vario-Pack considers itself to be purely a fee-based bottler and service provider. We are not represented on the market with our own products.
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Corporate mission statement

Any contact between a customer and us will be a positive experience for the customer. We achieve this goal by strictly acting in accordance with the following 10 factors every day:
  1. We want our products to provide maximum benefit for our customers.
  2. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers in all respects.
  3. We meet our customers' requirements while following state-of-the-art guidelines and regulations.
  4. Our employees contribute to the quality of our products through their personal achievements.
  5. Our company believes that well-trained and highly motivated employees are the basic prerequisite for being able to convincingly project and achieve effectiveness. We attach great importance to polite and fair interaction with one another..
  6. A stable relationship to our suppliers is just as important to us as our relationship to our customers. Dealing with their employees in a friendly and appropriate manner, but also the critical assessment of their shipments in connection with a joint search for solutions in case of problems form an important foundation of our success in the market.
  7. All our employees are dedicated to constantly enhance the quality of our services through an ongoing improvement process. In this manner, we increase the benefit of our work for our customers, thereby sustainably securing our company's existence through customer loyalty.
  8. For us, the prevention of errors takes precedence to the rectification of errors.
  9. If there are any complaints, we will make amends that exceed customer expectations.
  10. Our internal and external conduct is characterised by values such as honesty, fairness, decency, politeness and respect. We pay special attention to using resources sparingly and to protecting the environment with respect to our products and the production processes used. 
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