Even liquid agents where special importance is placed on keeping them separated from the propellant do not pose a problem as well, of course.

The ABSOLUTE 360 degree application of the two-chamber pressure can enhances the user value of many products.

We have found that the manner of application is significantly different in the two-chamber spray cans compared to conventional spray cans due to the fact that the propellant is separated from the active substance.

Unlike conventional aerosols where active substance is transported to the outside both due to the internal pressure but ALSO especially due to the gas discharge, a two-chamber pressure can operates more mechanically: the product is simply pushed out.

Accordingly, the two-chamber pressure can offers many advantages in various applications.

n general, we can say that the active substance active agent comes out in the same way it goes in. This means that paste continues to be paste, cream continues to be cream, etc.

The wide range of appropriate adapters designed for Pageris® valve systems open up completely new and convenient ways to apply the product. 

To give but a few product examples:

Convenient application of lubricants by means of a brush adapter
Applying product directly to threads

Reclosable and therefore reusable

Applying sealing compound WITHOUT auxiliary tools such as e.g. cartridge guns
Metered dispensing into maintenance apertures (here: transmission additive)
Precise application of permanently elastic sealing compounds
Customised special solutions
(here: pipe adapter)
Selective application of lubricants

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