Protective valve caps meet a number of requirements for modern packaging in the form of a pressure can.
Protective valve caps do not only protect against unintentional triggering of the valve but also cover the following criteria and requirements:

  • Attachment options for alternative adapters or spray heads
  • Transport protection in accordance with the Ordinance on Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances
  • Proof of originality for the end user
  • Recognition feature due to individual design
  • Use as a colour guidance system for specific groups of products

Please note: The caps shown are not for individual sale but merely an option to accessorize your can.

Cap, 65 mm, for necked-in cans

The caps shown here are versions for a so-called "necked-in" or "retracted" tin plate can.

Together with the can, this results in a very uniform and even attractive overall can appearance, even for technical products.

The colours shown are the manufacturer's standard colours. Addition colour varieties on request.

Cap 35 mm

This cap, which has a diameter of 35 mm, fits all conventional 1 inch aerosol valves and is thus compatible with all types of cans and all types of can sizes.

Originally designed for a 35 mm aluminium can, it accomplishes its purpose on all other sizes as well and underscores a technical look.

The colour varieties shown here are the manufacturer's standard colours.
Additional colours on request.

Snap-lock cap

This cap version is the so-called "snap-lock" design.

Especially when used with a tin plate can with straight crimping, the cap's location inside the rim conveys an elegant look.

The cap shown here is one of the manufacturer's colour varieties. Standard colours are white, black and red.
Additional colour varieties on request.

Cap with actuator tab    - New ! -

The cap with actuator tab has been developed to simply, practically and securely attach all available Pageris© adapters to the can.
Placed on a 1-inch valve, the cap fits all can sizes thanks to the 2 differently-sized tabs available.

The attachment of the adaptor to the cap using a kind of barbed hook ensures optimum hold. However, the adaptor can be quickly removed to the side and is ready for use immediately.
Available in black and blue (other colours available on request, based on a minimum order quantity)

Caps & lids as a special solution

The colour varieties with the intake located on the side as shown here are a customised special solution.

The cap is used to simultaneously accommodate two different Pageris ® adapters.

To accommodate an additional spray head as an alternative application, we offer a special cap with a pocket to hold an additional spray head. This cap is available for sale.
The picture shows the white (standard) version.


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